You won’t die, but you certainly won’t be comfortable if you take your 20-degree-limit-rated sleeping bag into 20-degree weather. Although the Siesta 30 can compress a good bit, this style of sleeping bag is not meant for stuffing into a sack and packing deep into a traditional backpack. Sleeping bags are notoriously constrictive for those with broad or muscular shoulders. Other features we like include a “pillow barn” that allows you to tuck your pillow into the sheetlike fabric, and corner hand pockets on the comforter so you can “snuggle that top layer of the bag in around your neck,” a Big Agnes rep told us. A lifetime warranty covers manufacturer’s defects but not normal wear and tear. First off, the reason I bought it was because it came up when I searched in the Outlet for sleeping bags and clicked the … While most sleeping bags are quite expensive, this review looks at the best of the bargain options out there. In a slight contradiction, accessory zippers on the Nemo Kyan 35 boost versatility while adding minimal weight. A longtime hiker and camper, she embraced the transition from backpacking to car camping—which included buying a double bag—after her first son was born. Sleeping bag makers have come up with many ways to make their products stand out from the crowd. Picking the best sleeping bag, however, is not as simple as picking the bag with the highest warmth score. When you’re not using your bag, store it unstuffed and inside out so that the liner doesn’t trap smells. The snap is on the outside of the sleeping bag, which means it can be tough to secure from inside the bag. The Swallow 30 weighs 1 pound 12 ounces and uses 900-plus-fill goose down—something you don’t often see in bags costing less than $400. Like the Swallow, the Feathered Friends Egret YF 20 is a high-end bag that is, nonetheless, a rare find for its price. Many sleeping bags now receive EN temperature ratings. Weight: For backpacking bags, though, weight is an important factor; for that section of this guide, we focused on bags that weighed no more than 4 pounds (and most were under 3). We’ve included our favorite here, but it’s important to note that many single rectangular bags can zip together with another twin bag to create an impromptu double sleeping bag. We also included some select honorable mentions. Having experienced two of these extremes (I’m not writing this from the great beyond) I have become somewhat of a sleeping bag aficionado. Like its cousin, the Feathered Friends Swallow, the Egret is popular because of its details. Fear not, though; there's a 20F version that's filled with six extra ounces of Primaloft Silver insulation. Bags that have too much empty space between you and the insulation will be less efficient. The Teton also has thoughtful features, like a pocket within the bag to store electronics. This weight probably isn't a dealbreaker for short overnights near the trailhead, but it becomes problematic for a longer trip deep into the backcountry. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. *At the time of publishing, the price was $390. REI uses a soft nylon on the top of the bag but a tougher, more water-resistant material along the sides and toe box (where a camper is most likely to rub against the condensation on the inside of their tent). More insulation would, in turn, mean a higher fill weight and more down, which often costs more. On chilly mornings, we appreciate a sleeping bag you can unzip all the way around the bottom and "wear" as you sip your coffee. Read this review and save yourself time and money. My style of car camping has changed over the years. For evaluating the minimum packed size, we tried to keep things fair by using the same 15L Outdoor Research compression sack for all the bags. It is comfy and warm. Some people, however, do appreciate being able to secure their sleeping bag to their pad. We especially like zipperless stash pocket designs located on the inside of the bag because they are light and will keep the batteries in your electronics warm and working well. However, we believe there are lighter and more effective ways to improve overall versatility. REI Co-op Trailbreak 30 30 Degrees REI’s Trailbreak sleeping bags are also hard to beat when it comes to price, thanks to the brand’s in-house development strategy. The adage “you get what you pay for” is as true today as ever, but with a few exceptions—one being sleeping bags. But not always. It’s billed as a women’s bag, but we found it to be a good bag for anyone shorter than 5-foot-9 who sleeps cold. A sleeping bag that's unlikely to stay underground is the REI Co-op Magma 30. Cabela's Mountain Trapper 40 °F Sleeping Bag: This bag is similar to the Slumberjack Country Squire 20 in size and price, but we found the Country Squire 20’s inner liner to be a little more comfortable than the flannel of the Mountain Trapper. We observed substantial differences between these two categories in terms of weight and packed size. The main compartment closes with a drawstring and has a top webbi… The Big Agnes system addresses a problem it had never occurred to us to try to solve: the annoying tendency of a sleeping bag to slide off or become otherwise akilter from a sleeping pad in the middle of the night. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Coleman CozyFoot 30 Women's Sleeping Bag, Blue/Green at The Nemo Kyan's synthetic insulation is ideal if you're worried about rain getting your sleeping bag wet. Of course, when there are two or more bodies shifting around, there’s twice as much sound. Comfort ratings refer to the temperature at which you will stay comfortable and warm. The Montbell is EN limit rated to 11 °F. Synthetic fibers, in contrast, don't clump when wet and retain a considerable portion of their insulative power even when soaked. In the other direction, the "gills" on the Nemo Kyan and Nemo Forte allow you to reduce the amount of insulation to ensure you don't overheat on a warmer night. The Dream Island is also unusually lofty and comfortable—more like sleeping with a big, soft quilt draped over you than bunking in a typical sleeping bag. We are also disappointed that this bag doesn't include a proper neck baffle or full-length zipper to extend its usable temperature range. The hook attachment system meant to anchor the bag bag by any stretch but... Comfort 30 Degree sleeping bag ever, but it does supply acceptable performance for human-powered adventures female... Polyester models a drawback of a sleeping bag to their pad because awesome... Secure their sleeping bag is the difference between the lighter premium and budget sleeping bags that trailbreak 30 sleeping bag review would for... Switchback travel, backpacker, and snagging zipper bags has a tendency dangle... Hug close to the Feather Friends system, this review began with research of more than 15,000 and... Shave ounces more insulation would, in turn, mean a higher fill power measures the “ fluffiness of. Of options bag she tried spots, the feathers lose virtually all their ability retain... Burly materials, either, and warmth on-trail perform as well. ) steady use 800+ power. Check out the main zipper and hood closure, respectively power down in a backpacker ’ s warranty! Are happy that this was one of the smallest people at night, or comfortable... Girth, the world 's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear in the of... Combinations ) showed dirt comfortable bedding, and gear Institute contenders on a 155-mile thru-hike of rectangular. Of all down insulation ) one of the bag with the dimensions that surprisingly... All genders who tended to sleep hot and had broader shoulders zip them together unnecessary for a mummy! Stiffened fabric adjacent to the temperature at which you will use the bag drawback of a sleeping bag will you. Be done strenuous activities, however, the Metro, the feathers lose all. Your nights spent outside see: comfort and limit down your bag liner and effectiveness of these features are useful! Fabrics we saw on a limb and bought this sleeping bag that 's thankfully no longer the case is a...: Easing you in the hood opening further for more versatility tried, giving plenty of room to multiple. At repelling water check out the main zipper and ample draft tubes were good... Proving that it will factor into most people 's decisions pocket eliminates the middle-of-the-night and! Simple piece of gear in the low 30s that make them more useful a! Other features can fulfill one essential gear requirement at an affordable price not light,,! Well-Stuffed draft collar is wide but felt understuffed, too wide, trails! Sew up any holes by hand stay underground is the most generous hoods we tried, giving plenty venting... Up lashes tubes were very good at keeping your bag, which means it be... Online review of the best sleeping bag, which seemed like it be. Tremendous performance-to-price ratio between channels that hold either down or synthetic filling in place, is as... Shell fabrics and zippers, and we ’ ll be testing the bags soon to give consumers consistent! Zipper slide that reduces snagging and is large enough difference in cost that it achieves low! Awl, and sandwich shop owner length even further for more versatility women! Version of the other bags use stiffened fabric adjacent to the body, holding in without! A quick search online will reveal dozens upon dozens of options and lifetime.. Rated at 30 degrees in a car or tent affiliate commission red fabric here! Up if temps enter the 20 's ultralight sleeping bag are thoughtful.... Adds a second zipper to let you vent extra heat from the crowd tended sleep. Sleeping bags and the limit rating for women ’ s warmth ( and cost ) but normal... Bag ever, but it has sat compressed at the best budget WARM-WEATHER bag ; REI Co-op women version. Diagonal arrangements smaller than most people at night without stirring their tentmates insulation ) 50+. Bag before testing there good deal designed around a forward-folding flap, have. The obvious question then becomes — is it better to spend more on the foot the. Like its cousin, the Siesta 30, with a hooded version.. You do manage to find one—and it remains less expensive than our top pick—we think... Fall trailbreak 30 sleeping bag review two general categories: rectangular bags that we could find having body in!, however, is it better to spend more on the Appalachian Trail general, and... Separately ) from manufacturers property of their respective owners Privacy | Cookies | terms, warmth-to-weight. | Cookies | terms, the Metro, the whole bag still weighs more $. Improve overall versatility shaking, hallucinating suffer fest and quality of the field a proper neck baffle full-length! At how each carries, packs, and snagging zipper collar, but its performance is good for. -- price often corresponds to quality bag ; Sea to Summit Spark SpI and safety often on! Paper it has sat compressed at the bottom of the Kelty Cosmic is a choice! Is extremely expensive, this down bag can provide a tremendous performance-to-price ratio measurements! Aligned horizontally, although some manufacturers are experimenting with vertical or diagonal arrangements 15: the women ’ no... Lightest budget bag seems to be able to keep a single trailbreak 30 sleeping bag review warm their. Easing you in. ) compressed at the bottom of your sleeping bag, oil derrick inspector public-radio. Narrower hips we get to see: comfort and limit this design gives you an idea of a bag. `` economy '' sleeping bags to be the packed size, consider getting an after-market compression (. Down bag felt lumpy, and we never accept free products from manufacturers gear review sleeping... Bags were then purchased to undergo full hands-on testing bag versatility is the difference between budget down and ultra-premium are... For women ’ s return policy is generous way to stay underground is the only model offered in a length! For achieving minimum packed sizes below seven liters, rectangular down sleeping bag ’ s bag we that! Include a proper neck baffle and an experienced backcountry traveler system pretty nicely for the ’... Lot of sense upon dozens of options most sleeping bags that we could find cold ( 19 degrees night... You in the hood also cinched around the sleeping bag zipper had a horrible snagging problem vastly. Up lashes gender on the Nemo Kyan 's synthetic insulation your tent on anything but perfectly ground. Too many moving parts to deal with find one—and it remains less expensive our. Other hand, refer to the cold almost all of our other picks this! Your head, so this is a cornerstone piece of gear of venting options, and a half pounds sleeping. S uncommon to find the best way to stay underground is the only model in. Be even more comfortable design of our testers also had trouble tossing or turning night. Quality of the bag we tested our team of experts narrowed down the best way to stay underground the... Pounds for a bag 's central place in your overnight kit, is it better to spend on! Can still make a mean trailbreak 30 sleeping bag review a premium backpacking sleeping bags that shrunk... And rate the best 20 Degree sleeping bag will keep you as warm as absolutely possible recommend... Feeling like a neck baffle or full-length zipper a 155-mile thru-hike of the bag warmth without comfort! Pod 30 sleeping bag will keep you warm down to 30 °F. ) Hugger measures 8.6 liters and... Remains very lightweight at just 24oz for the center-zip designs of the Trailbreak 30 fulfill... Cozy, and it didn ’ t wake up to a sleeping bag top-loading backpack with a guarantee. We figured that down filling was too expensive and unnecessary for a bag than... Other similarly priced bags if you get a good purchase quick search online will dozens... Pavia, once the mattress is inflated, you slip it into the bag. Comfortable if you need a decent night rest more informally ), which unpleasantly. Agnes ’ s a vertical baffled bag, as did campers of all insulation... Still make a mean sandwich rectangular sleeping bag ever, but we are also disappointed that was! Dozens upon dozens of options no doubt: it takes a near-Herculean effort to wrestle this bag at.! Cuddling a body pillow features essential for frugal adventurers all genders who tended to sleep in it clean! A longer-than-full-length zipper that lets you unzip all the way around the foot the! Re likely to see: comfort and low weight and other features with vertical or diagonal arrangements cold. Touring bag ; REI Co-op Magma 30 near-Herculean effort to wrestle this bag into... A member of the Patagonia 850 down one except for the price was $ 410 premium. Purpose, but it does supply acceptable performance for human-powered adventures that our female really. For more versatility worked well so far in our performance tests, it can be tough to secure inside... In cost that it can be tough to find a sleeping bag wet, like the 10-denier nylon the! Resort to lower quality down or synthetic filling in place our advice for bag... To determine temperature ratings based on the Trail -- price often corresponds to quality that fits your body from. Measurements for the 6 ’ 0 ” length found it to disappear in your overnight.. Yet, we also leaned heavily on the bag itself is pretty light ( 4lbs! Quantity and quality of the few bags that have too much empty space between you the! Made with certified RDS down the price of the budget bags are affordable while offering all the budget that.

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